Lead Retrieval

Lead Retrieval App Now Available for Exhibitors 

Exhibitors at all National College Fairs this fall can choose either a scanner or the new GoToCollegeFairs Mobile Scan App to capture student information. Exhibitors are encouraged to choose the app, which offers more features and flexibility. Starting with the spring 2020 fair season, the scanner option will no longer be available.

GoToCollegeFairs Mobile Scan App FAQs

Lead Retrieval Scanner

Lead Retrieval allows exhibitors the ability to capture accurate contact information by simply scanning the barcode of attendees. All National College Fairs now offer Lead Retrieval Technology and each registered exhibitor is issued one scanner for each exhibit booth their institution has purchased.

Using the Scanner

Scanner user instructions

Additional Scanners

Additional scanners for Fall 2018 fairs may be ordered by July 13 at the charge of $50 per scanner. After this deadline, the charge is $60 per scanner.  Additional scanners are non-refundable.

Additional scanners for Spring 2019 fairs may be ordered by Dec. 3 at the charge of $50 per scanner. After this deadline, the charge is $60 per scanner.  Additional scanners are non-refundable.


What happens if I lose my scanner?
Each exhibitor is responsible for lost or misplaced scanners. The replacement cost is $600. NACAC will invoice the instituion once notified by TRC that the scanner has not been returned.

What if I forget to turn in my scanner at the end of the fair?
Send an email to and we will instruct you on next steps. If you are going to another NACAC fair in the near future, you may be able to turn the scanner in there.

When can I expect my leads to be emailed to me?
TRC will make every reasonable effort to deliver scanned data within two to three business days after the conclusion of the fair. If more than a week has passed, please send an email to and we will have the leads resent to you.

Do the scanners have a limit on how many leads they can hold?
Yes, but the limit is very high (10,000).

What if the battery runs out on the scanner?
Simply return it to the representative that issued it to you. They will be able to download the leads you have collected and issue you a new scanner.

If the fair I am attending has multiple sessions, do I return the scanner in between those sessions?
No. You should take the scanner with you. You will only return the scanner at the end of the event.

How do I know who will be receiving my leads?
The person who registered your institution will be the person that receives the leads. If another staff member would like to receive the leads, please see a TRC representative onsite at the fair and they can assist you.

Need More Information?
If you have any questions or need assistance, contact TRC Customer Support at 888/601-0200 or send an email to